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Many first time parents have limited exposure, and therefore limited experience with all that goes into the care of a newborn baby. Avoid feeling lost, and alone by hiring a Certified Professional Newborn specialist-Baby Nurse or Doula. A Newborn Care Specialist-Postpartum Doula is an expert in newborn care and the mother. We draw upon a wealth of experience, to help educate parents in the first few weeks of their newborn baby’s life. This accomplished by providing nurturing attentive care for your baby - from feedings to bathing, key clothing techniques, Individualized Sleep Training Programs, establishing an Individualized Feeding Schedule and a Comfort Routine – while  lovingly educating you in your new role as a parent, and all concerns regarding the care of your newborn.

A professional baby nurse-Doula assists you in the first few weeks or months with your newborn as you adjust to your new role as a parent. Having a baby nurse will allow you to not only take extra time to rest and recover from your pregnancy as you prepare for your new role as a parent, but serves as a parental resource for all of your questions while providing experienced and attentive care to your newborn baby. A professional Newborn Care Specialist-Doula provides the postpartum support you need and maintains care for your baby, including round-the-clock care, day care, or night time care.

Our experienced baby nurses also help parents with multiple children,  giving newborn care support to families with multiple babies, such as twins or triplets quadruplets, quintets, sextuplets  Having a professional in these situations can help reduce stress and assist your family into settling into a comfortable routine.

Our highly trained, CPR certified, Preventative Nurturing  certified, and International Post Partum Mother and Family support/ Postpartum infant care certified ( Certification provided upon request); are willing to travel nationally to any location, We also provide Certified International Travel Baby Nurse services . Remember-We  can provide you with high quality newborn care wherever you reside.


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